About Us

Jennifer Weigand, Owner

 I founded Dragonfly Therapeutic Massage with a profound passion for helping others! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist through the Board of Nursing. I hold a professional membership with the American Massage Therapy Association. My journey began many years ago in a small chiropractic office in Virginia Beach, VA. I was a young teen suffering from migraines, back pain and an overwhelming amount of stress. Even at a young age I was frustrated with the Western medicine mindset and couldn't accept being on medicine for life. There had to be something more and there was! The knowledge and healing I gained from the chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy team changed my life forever. This is what led me to become a Massage Therapist. I continue to live a pain free life and getting massages regularly is huge part of that! I share many tools with my clients to help them succeed on and off the massage table. I am a true example that taking care of your body will lead to a happier, healthier well being. It is an honor to be the one teaching and helping others now. I would never recommend a client to do something I wouldn't or don't already do in my daily life! You will never be "just another client" at Dragonfly Therapeutic Massage! No more 50 minute fluff and buff massages but a true knowledgeable wellness team dedicated to helping you find a balanced well-being mentally and physically! Experience the Dragonfly difference!